ISC3 is a diverse, cross-sectoral network of agencies, organizations, companies, and institutions working together to advance equitable solutions to create a resilient and thriving Inland Southern California in the face of climate change.

Working together to create a resilient Inland Southern California.

Recognizing the critical need for collaboration across sectors and jurisdictions in order to effectively address climate change, leaders from across the region came together to form the Inland Southern California Climate Collaborative (ISC3).

Through collective action, we strive to bolster local and regional efforts to avoid the worst effects of climate change while building resilience to the climate change impacts our communities face today — from extreme heat and droughts to wildfires and floods. We mobilize our members around a shared vision and policy agenda while providing local capacity-building support to catalyze equitable action at all scales.

Key Climate Risks in Our Region


Daily max. temperatures are projected to increase by 8-14ºF on average for the region by 2100.


Studies show an increased likelihood of drought with an 80% chance of a multi-decade drought by 2100.


Overall burned area is projected to increase over 60-75% for wildfires in the region by 2100.

California 4th Climate Change Assessment
Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments

Become a Founding Member

Founding members have the opportunity to join the collaborative’s first steereing committee to guide the purpose and activities of ISC3 as it launches while demonstrating commitment to climate action and resilience in the region.

Member Application

By joining ISC3 as a founding member, your agency or organization can demonstrate leadership and commitment to advancing equitable climate change solutions.

Founding Member Applications are due January 15, 2019.
We will continue to accept member applications on a rolling basis.

We hope that you will consider joining this important initiative in the Inland Southern California region!

Contact Us

The Local Government Commission is facilitating the formation of ISC3. After ISC3 launches in January 2020, we will begin to transition the facilitator role to Climate Resolve as the collaborative’s fiscal agent.

Please contact Julia Kim and Amber McGarvey if you have any questions or if you are interested in joining ISC3.